5 Ways To A Healthier Body

There are simple and effective steps that can be taken towards being a healthier person, simple common sense and a whole lot of will power are needed for any fitness programme or diet, but here are 5 simple steps that can help you on your way:

1. Keep a journal 

Get into the habit of keeping a journal or diary and always carry it with you and it can be useful in many ways. If you’re having a particularly bad day then use it to jot down your feelings and thoughts, get them out.

Everything you eat during the day, no matter what it is or how small write it down. Don’t cheat be totally honest if you nibbled on a biscuit then put it down, it all adds up and you’ll be surprised at how many calories you consume in a day. 

By keeping a daily account of everything you eat or drink it forces us to become more aware of what we eat, it is also an excellent guide for making any changes to our diet because it’s all right there in front of us. 

2. Read Supplement Reviews

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2. Always ask yourself am I really hungry? 

It is surprising how many of us actually eat just for the sake of eating not because we are actually hungry. Maybe we walk past the bowl of fruit on the counter top and see the shiny red apple and pick it up and start eating it, but ask yourself do you actually need to eat the apple, are you hungry or did you just do it out of habit, its there in front of you so you take it. 

Many of us will find we do this often, just because its 12 o clock it doesn’t automatically mean that it has to be lunch time. Always stop and ask yourself am I really hungry, do I need to eat? The answer is simple if you are not hungry then don’t eat out of habit, go and do something more productive like take a walk. 

3. You have to eat to lose weight

It might sound silly but you do actually have to eat in order to lose weight, the more meals you skip doesn’t mean the more weight you will lose. When a person skips a lot of meals then have a tendency to go snacking at quick foods and these foods are generally the ones that are bad for us, crisps, biscuits etc. 

Plus if you skip meals intentionally when you do eat you will have a tendency to eat more than you would normally. You can diet on three healthy meals a day with a healthy snack and still lose weight. A healthy meal should consist of fruit, vegetables, protein and a little fat. 

4. Include your favourite foods in your diet 

Most diets fail after a couple of weeks or so because we place too much restriction on the foods we allow ourselves on our diet. We all know that if we can’t have something then we want it even more and the same goes with dieting. 

If we cut out all the foods we love we will only crave those more and this leads to straying from the diet. So it is wise to include your favourite foods in moderation of course, this doesn’t mean if your favourite food is pizza that you can eat as much as you want and still lose weight, a little common sense is needed. 

5. Get plenty of exercise 

Anyone can exercise it doesn’t mean you have to take up a strenuous aerobics routine or go jogging for 15 miles a day, there is no reason for anyone not to exercise a little. There are many forms of getting exercise we all do some without even realising it, housewives do it everyday in the form of pushing the vacuum cleaner around the house, bending to fill the washing machine with clothes, reaching to put them out to dry on an outside line. 

These are all forms of exercise which we do day in and day out. Everyday just try adding 5 more minutes to your routine, do an extra little job around the house, walk at a slightly brisker pace when walking to your local supermarket. For short journeys leave the car at home and take a slow steady walk, all these little things add up and before you know it you’ll be feeling fitter and healthier.